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Post Military Careers After a Life of Military Service

Many programs are available to all branches of service (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard) to help you transition to civilian life with new careers, such as

  • TAP, ETAP (Transition Assistance Programs)
  • MOAA (Military Offices Association of America – see local chapters below).

Options for Active Military

Smith Mountain Lake offers career military personnel a peaceful respite from a busy Beltway lifestyle. And SML’s convenient location makes traveling to and from the Washington D.C./Metro area simple and enjoyable.

Options for Military Retirement

Smith Mountain Lake offers an incredible retirement lifestyle that allows you to enjoy a host of recreational activities, temperate weather, and a welcoming community of friendly faces. After all of your years of service, oftentimes away from family and friends, it’s time to enjoy your retirement years and take advantage of all that Smith Mountain Lake has to offer.

Regardless of where you are in your life, Smith Mountain Lake might be for you if:

  • You want a place to live that allows you and your family to play and enjoy one another.
  • You want more time to do what you want
  • You want an area that offers beautiful weather
  • You want a place that is not crowded
  • You want a place that is not noisy
  • You want a lake that offers:
  1. Water Sports
  2. Clean Water
  3. Fishing
  4. Swimming
  5. Boating
  6. Golf
  7. Water Skiing
  8. Exploring

If all those are of interest – let me show you that place. It is Smith Mountain Lake, located just south of Roanoke, Virginia – an area I call paradise. With 500 miles of shoreline, 22,000 acres of clean, clear water, and surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, Smith Mountain Lake can be your paradise too.



Military Retirement and Consulting

Smith Mountain Lake is an ideal setting for those who have retired from the military, but still provide consulting services. Enjoy a relaxing work/life balance by choosing Smith Mountain Lake as your retirement destination.

Easily work from home

(High Speed Internet)

Only the “home” isn’t mired in the swirl of the NCR or Tidewater area but rather on SML in the pristine and tranquil Blue Ridge Mountains).


  • Roanoke – 43 miles
  • Lynchburg – 49 miles
  • Greensboro, NC – 84 miles
  • Raleigh/Durham, NC – 111 miles


(ride the trian – with internet and a dining car – instead of driving)
  • Roanoke – 24 miles
  • Lynchburg – 37 miles

Military Benefits – Convenient Options Nearby

One of the first things many veterans will look for when searching for a new home or retirement destination is a place that has access to medical care and veteran resources in the surrounding areas.

Smith Mountain Lake is conveniently located within driving distance to numerous facilities including VA Hospitals, Vet Centers, VA CBOC and other VA organizations such as MOAA chapters.

  • Danville CBOC – 26 miles
  • Roanoke Vet Center – 29 miles
  • Salem VA Medical Center – 32 miles
  • Lynchburg CBOC – 26 miles
  • Greensboro Vet Center – 59 miles

Shopping: Each of the above communities also offer opportunities for the entire family to enjoy entertainment, great restaurants and leisure activities.

MOAA Chapters

Central Virginia Chapter of MOAA

PO Box 6455, Charlottesville, VA 22906
  • Contact:
  • Capt John W. Swartzwelder Jr.
  • 434.973.7103
  • president@cvmoaa.org
  • 4th Thursday; Luncheons
  • Glenmore Country Club
  • http://www.cvmoaa.org

MOAA, Southwest Virginia Chapter

PO Box 3090, Roanoke, VA 24015
  • Contact:
  • LTC James T. Flynn
  • 540.552.4905
  • jtflynn64@gmail.com
  • 3rd Thursday @ 12pm
  • Various Locations
  • https://sites.google.com/site/moaaswvachapter/

Smith Mountain Lake (SML)

1658 Trails End Rd, Goodview, VA 24095