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Your Local Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate Agent

Looking for that perfect Smith Mountain Lake home can be both exciting and daunting. From waterfront condos to luxury lakefront estates, perspective lake residents have their choice of lake lifestyles to explore. Are you ready to retire to Smith Mountain Lake and finally work on that golf swing? Or are looking for a vacation property so that the entire family can experience a Smith Mountain Lake summer?

I’m Pete Roberts and i’ve been helping customers find their ideal Smith Mountain Lake property for over 12 years. I believe that locating the right property involves more than going on walk-thrus. I take the time to learn about the type of Smith Mountain Lake experience you’re looking for, and focus my efforts on finding a perfect match. 

Waterfront and Water Access Homes and Lots

With over 25 years of real estate experience, I know exactly how to help you find your ideal property. I deal specifically with Smith Mountain Lake waterfront and water access homes and lots, which allows me to show interested clients the very best that the lake has to offer. I showcase more than the just the property itself; I introduce you to the Smith Mountain Lake lifestyle. If the weather is good, we will get on the water so you can see why I call this place paradise. I listen to your search criteria and show you the areas of the lake that match.

Moving to Smith Mountain Lake

After your first visit, you may find yourself with a sudden case of “Smith Mountain Lake Fever.” It’s a very serious condition.

Symptoms include:

Drifting Thoughts: While at work, your thoughts drift back to the lake.
Inability to Decide: What size lot do I want? What view of the lake is my favorite?

Increased Focus: Suddenly, all of your thoughts and conversations center around Smith Mountain Lake and all of the fun memories you will have with your friends and family.

Thoughts of Time-Travel: How can I speed up time so that I can get back to the lake quicker? Can I make time stop while I’m there? Loss of Interest in Work: If you’re not retired, the thoughts become, “how soon can I?”

An added benefit of living at the lake? All of a sudden your family and friends want to be around you whenever they can.
Let me help you join me here at Smith Mountain Lake – a place I really believe is paradise.